Tour itinerary for 5 nights in Sri Lanka

The tour itinerary for 5 nights in Sri Lanka offers a stunning view of the island’s landscape, making it ideal for first-time travelers. International tourists are particularly interested in six-day tour packages, which include a wildlife tour in a national park, beach relaxation, and hill country exploration. With a skilled driver and tour guide, a six-day trip in Sri Lanka can cover most attractions, making it an ideal choice for European travelers.

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Tour itinerary for 5 nights in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the most southern point on Earth. It is 645 miles south of the equator. The weather is nice all year, which isn’t usually the case in a warm area. April is a big month in Sri Lanka because it’s the start of the flowering season, the weather gets warmer, and the country has its biggest traditional New Year’s party. The average yearly temperature rises again in April, even though temperatures drop by a few degrees Celsius in the late summer (often around 30 oC). The island has a pleasant temperature all year, so you can do things all year long, like visit historic temples, palaces, and gardens, walk along dangerous cliff paths, climb green-capped peaks, and go to waterfalls in Sri Lanka‘s varied natural environment. There are many different kinds of cetacean and dolphin species in the nearby marine area.

What is the best deal for a tour itinerary for 5 nights in Sri Lanka?

The tour itinerary for 5 nights in Sri Lanka is a great way to see the island nation’s beautiful scenery. It’s especially good for first-time travellers. International tourists are very interested in six-day tour packages to Sri Lanka. On this six-day trip to Sri Lanka, you’ll see the Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle, go on a wildlife tour in one of its best national parks, relax on the beach, and explore the hill country.

A six-day holiday doesn’t seem like a very long time, especially for people coming from Europe. Because of this, it is not possible to visit all of Sri Lanka’s main tourist attractions in just a few days. In just six days, you can drive to most of Sri Lanka’s attractions and enjoy lively city life, delicious Sri Lankan food and drinks, exciting sports, relaxing on a beautiful beach, or exciting beach activities. You should be able to see a lot in your six days in Sri Lanka if you plan ahead and have a skilled driver and tour guide. To figure out how much a six-day tour in Sri Lanka will cost, you need to do a lot of planning ahead of time.

Is five nights and six days enough to see Sri Lanka?

Many tourists report being happy with the sights and activities they did during their six-day trip to Sri Lanka, but others complain that they wish they had more time to do the same things. And I think that if you plan your Sri Lanka trip well, you will be able to see a lot of Sri Lanka. While you may think that six days in Sri Lanka is enough, you need to make sure that your holiday goes smoothly by planning your days very carefully.

What kinds of six-day trips do most people in Sri Lanka take?

There are many other options besides the typical 6-day Sri Lanka trip plan. These include a 6-day nature tour, a 6-day tour of the country’s culture, a 6-day tour of the south coast, a 6-day beach tour, and so on. People who want to take a six-day trip to Sri Lanka should be very clear about what they want to do so they can make the best plans. With the help of Serendipity Tours, you might be able to get a customised itinerary, since most Sri Lankan trip operators do that for their clients.

Is it possible for me to join a six-day tour of Sri Lanka with my beach vacation?

Without a doubt, a beach vacation in Sri Lanka can be easily added to a six-day trip to the country. In fact, this is one of the things people ask us most. There are a lot of people who want to relax on the beach while also seeing Sri Lanka‘s natural, historical, and cultural sights. The six-day trip and the shore excursion are two separate parts of this type of Sri Lanka travel itinerary. Nevertheless, the six-day trip in Sri Lanka may need either a clockwise or an anticlockwise schedule, depending on where you book your beach tour package.

What kinds of things do most people do on a six-day trip to Sri Lanka?

It might be hard for someone to give a clear answer to this question. The most common way to spend six days in Sri Lanka is to see the beaches, the cultural triangle, and the hill country. This trip plan is very popular with people travelling from other countries. Sri Lanka’s Buddhist temples, museums, wildlife reserves, tea farms, coastlines, and hill country are all on this six-day tour. Some of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This article goes into a lot of depth about the itinerary so that you can picture this trip.

What might you do on a six-day trip to Sri Lanka?

The popular 6-day Sri Lanka tour is a popular way to see the country over several days. You can add as many interesting places and things to do as you want to the schedule. You could spend six days in Sri Lanka on a beach holiday, a trip to see wildlife or nature, or a trip to learn about the culture. You can include Sri Lanka’s beaches, beautiful hill country, wildlife, and culture in a six-day plan, but you can also mix and match the places you visit and things you do.

This blog post talks about a common six-day Sri Lanka tour itinerary that focuses on the country’s beaches, hill country, and culture triangle. Excursions also include trips to botanical garden, wildlife viewing, and boat rides.

How much does a Sri Lanka tour plan for six days cost?

Whether or not the six-day trip to Sri Lanka is cheap will depend on where you stay and what activities and sights you choose to do. The majority of the package price goes towards lodging. The leftover amount goes towards activities and admission fees. The price of the deal is affected by the driver/guide fee and the cost of transportation. Strategically planning your trip and booking a three-star hotel can help you save a lot of money, but you’ll have to give up a little luxury in exchange.

Can I book hotels for my six-day tour?

After some thought, you can actually book a room for your trip. We do suggest, though, that our clients plan their whole tour with a single company. This is something that travellers can do to save a lot of money. If you choose two suppliers—one for housing and the other for the rest of the package—the price of the whole thing might go up by 20%.

May I ask if it’s possible to book a 6-day family package?

Visitors with children can plan a 6-day trip to Sri Lanka as a family holiday. Because the trip is private and doesn’t involve anything physically demanding, the only people who will be bothered by their kids’ misbehaviour are the parents.

Sri Lanka tour of nature

A six-day vacation and a nature-mixed tour in Sri Lanka This tour includes whitewater rafting, safaris, walks through the jungle, and trekking. On this Sri Lankan coastal adventure trip, you can also go whale-watching.

Where are the places that are on the six-day plan for Sri Lanka in 2023?

Based on the plan you pick, some of the following places are included in all 6-day tours of Sri Lanka:

What are the main things that you will be doing on your six-day trip to Sri Lanka?

The 6-day Sri Lanka vacation package might include some of the things below, depending on the tour plan you pick.

  • City Tours
  • Sigiriya rock castle walking tour with a guide
  • The trip to see the Golden Temple of Dambulla
  • See Polonnaruwa on a hop-on, hop-off tour
  • A walk of the Kandy temple with a guide
  • Buddhist museum in Kandy.
  • Kandy cultural show.
  • A tour of Kandy’s sights
  • Peradeniya Botanical Garden
  • A walk through the spice garden
  • A walk of Nuwara Eliya with a guide
  • Esplanade around Lake Gregory
  • Tea factory and the garden
  • Boat tour of Madu River
  • Having fun at the beach on the western coast

A Brief Look at Sri Lanka’s 6-Day Tour

  • Day 1: Colombo
  • Day 2: Colombo >> Sigiriya
  • Day 3: Sigiriya >> Polonnaruwa >> Sigiriya
  • Day 4: Sigiriya >> Kandy
  • Day 5: Kandy >> Brntota
  • Day 6: From Bentota to Colombo

Sri Lanka six-day tour package plan

From Colombo to Sigiriya to Nuwara Eliya, a six-day road trip through Sri Lanka will show you the country’s natural and historical beauty. This is the most common way to get around Sri Lanka to see its natural beauty, visit its historical places, and go on exciting, action-packed adventures. As you travel through Sri Lanka for six days, you will experience a perfect mix of wild natural beauty and cultural interest.

Sri Lanka’s bus system is well-established, and most of the country’s big cities are easily accessible by train. For that reason, public transport in Sri Lanka isn’t often suggested because buses and trains are often late and waste a lot of time. Private transportation with a Sri Lankan driver or guide has many benefits, such as making travel more relaxing and saving time.

When someone has their private transport, they can enjoy the charming atmosphere of a country inn or take a moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Your time in Sri Lanka will be absolutely wonderful, thanks to our six-day car trip.

When would be the best time to visit Sri Lanka for six days?

The best time to go on the six-day trip to Sri Lanka is between November and April. The southern route and the island’s central, western, and southern hill regions will be the main places to visit during the next six days. The southwest monsoon, a weather phenomenon that lasts from April to October, has a big effect on the places that the six-day trip went through. Based on Sri Lanka’s weather patterns, the southwest monsoon is the main rainy season on the island. It often brings heavy rain to the places that are visited during this six-day trip. Most of Sri Lanka is dry for the rest of the year, which is when the northwest monsoon hits, from October to April. On this six-day Sri Lanka itinerary, the following places are featured: So, the best time to finish the 6-day southern tour of Sri Lanka is between October and April, which is winter in the northern hemisphere.

The most popular visitor spots in Sri Lanka are included in this six-day private tour. These include, the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, Sigiriya Rock, and the Dambulla Golden Temple. When the journey is over, one will be stuck on the empty beaches of Mirissa.

Day 1: tour itinerary for 5 nights in Sri Lanka

Spend the first day of your trip in the luxurious city of Colombo. There you can see the Wolvendaal church, a Dutch building on top of a rocky outcropping with a view of the busy city, and enjoy the mix of old and new architecture in the city.

Galle Face Green should be climbed for the stunning views and to get a head start on the harder climbs that are coming up. After taking in Colombo’s lively atmosphere, you should go to the Buddhist temple in Kelaniya, which has a very important historical role for the city. People believe that if they do one act of prayer, it will forgive all the wrongs they have done in their lives. George Keyt, one of the most famous artists on the island, put together the largest collection of modern Buddhist works on the island, which is why the temple is so important.

The Buddhists in Colombo have a lot of respect for the Kelaniya temple, which is the only place that Buddha went on one of his three trips to the island in the sixth century BC. Because of this, the Kelaniya temple is one of the eight greatest Buddhist sites on the island, and every Buddhist must visit it at least once in their life.

There are many interesting places to visit in and around the centre of Colombo, such as lakes, parks, rivers, marshes, and old buildings. The Ramsar wetland city is called Colombo, and it is near many lakes, marshes, and a complex network of canals that connect these water features. Twenty square feet is about how big the area is. Wetlands cover miles of land that are important for industry.

At the Muthurajawela Wetland, which is close to Colombo, you can travel by horseback, walk, or meander through the lush vegetation. Muthurajawela is one of the best places in the Colombo area to watch birds because it is full of breeding-friendly marshes that are visited by many bird species. While on a boat trip, one might see animals like monkeys, turtles, mongooses, and monitor lizards.

Stay overnight in Colombo

Day 2: tour itinerary for 5 nights in Sri Lanka

After a hearty breakfast, head northeast through the beautiful scenery, which is mostly made up of coconut farms, rubber fields, and small towns. The road has fewer and fewer people walking on it, the area around it gets greener, and the unique features of the country become more noticeable. The expedition comes to an end at the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, a popular tourist spot in Sri Lanka with a lot of historical sites.

It has grown since it began tens of thousands of years ago in Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle. The only things that remain of the beauty that this ancient society was known for are some truly amazing historical structures. Sadly, the ancient world’s scientific prowess and knowledge seem to have disappeared overnight and have not been passed on to the current generation.

This ancient civilization had one of the most advanced methods for managing water that anyone has ever made. They built huge containers that were as big as several football fields and moved water between them using hundreds of kilometres of carefully built tunnels with low slopes. The paintings were made by skilled artists in ancient times, and the original range of colours has been maintained. Some of their buildings are about the same size as the Giza Pyramids.

The reservoir Mineriya

The time period covered by the culture triangle is the early part of Sri Lankan history, from the third century BC to the Middle Ages. The Cultural Triangle is made up of Sri Lanka’s five UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla, and Kandy. This is where the most important proof of Sinhalese civilization is found.

Monuments line the edges of every historical place, and it’s easy to find beautiful paths that go around them. Some very old towns even have museums with historical artefacts that are connected to the city.

After spending a lot of time and energy exploring the oldest spot and most historic city, you can spend the night in Anuradhapura.

Stay overnight in Sigiriya

One way to travel and have fun in Sri Lanka is to go on adventures like visiting temples, taking day trips to Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, and Dambulla, and renting cars with drivers.

The Sigiriya rock castle, the Dambulla golden temple, and the Tooth Relic Shrine are some of the most interesting places to visit in Sri Lanka during this five-night trip. The beautiful hill country of Sri Lanka is also part of this special six-day trip. People who go on safari in Sri Lanka can see the country’s strange animals.

Day 3: tour itinerary for 5 nights in Sri Lanka

Take a trip through the Ritigala forest to get to Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa after breakfast. You can see the ancient city of Polonnaruwa and the Sigiriya rock castle. The Sigiriya rock citadel and the old city of Polonnaruwa are both two-hour hikes that would take a dedicated hillwalker a whole day to explore. The home of King Kashyapa was Sigiriya, a huge rock that was turned into a permanent royal dwelling with palaces, guardhouses, moats, fountains, and well-kept gardens. The amazing engineering work that went into building the Sigiriya rock fort is similar in some ways to the old Mesopotamian cities that were built on stilts.

City tour of Polonnaruwa

It is 216 kilometres from Colombo to Polonnaruwa, which is in the culture triangle of Sri Lanka. One of the most popular tourist spots on the island is Polonnaruwa, a mediaeval city that gets hundreds of guests every day. From the 10th century to the 11th century AD, Polonnaruwa was the capital and governing centre of the Sri Lankan kings and queens.

When it was at its peak, Polonnaruwa was surrounded by many Hindu religious buildings, such as stupas, dagobas, shrines, and Ayurvedic hospitals. The city’s looks got better when its parks and gardens were made bigger. To make sure the city has enough water, a complex method for managing water was created. The Parakrama Samudra, which was also called the Sea of Parakrama, provided water to the city and the farms nearby.

Parakrama Samudra

The large man-made lake called Parakrama Samudra was built by King Parakramabahu in the 1100s. For example, the building of the 5940-hectare lake was one of the biggest irrigation projects that ancient kings oversaw.

Royal Palace of King Parakramabahu

With a total of 1,000 rooms spread out over seven floors, the citadel was home to both King Parakramabahu’s royal house and his administrative complex. One of the most religious kings of Sri Lanka, King Parakramabahu, ruled the island country in the 1100s. Besides starting to build Buddhist shrines, new lakes and canals, and updating old irrigation systems, the monarch also made a big contribution to the growth of the country. The king or queen built a wall around the castle that was about one metre thick. Stone carvings were set into the rampart to make it look nice.

The regal bath can be reached by a set of stairs in the easternmost part of the city, directly across from the citadel. A small pavilion was thought to have been there with the stone bath and acted as a designated changing area. It was decorated in a very fancy way.

Gal Vihara is a Buddhist temple.

A Buddhist temple on the edge of the city is called Gal Vihara, which is also known as Uttararama. It has four huge Buddha statues made of rock. This Buddhist temple was built in the 1100s AD and was planned by King Parakramabahu.

Vata Da Ge

During the reign of King Nissankamalla, a dagoba was built. This type of building is called pre-colonial Sri Lankan architecture. A circular relic room went around it. The Hatadage relic chamber was built by King Parakramabahu to hold the valuable Buddha tooth.

Stay the night in either Polonnaruwa or Sigiriya.

Day 4: tour itinerary for 5 nights in Sri Lanka

Start your trip with a beautiful 75-kilometer drive through Sri Lanka’s hill country on the main A9 road from Sigiriya to Kandy. You can see a lot of Buddha murals and statues in the five large, real caves that make up the Dambulla Golden Cave Temple. In the first century BC, King Walagambahu fled the chaos caused by an invasion from south India and took refuge at the temple. The monastic group hid the king in the forest to protect him from those who were after him. As a result, the temple was built with his help after the king became important again.

Following their visit to the Dambulla Golden Temple, tourists can take a guided walk through a spice garden to learn more about the valuable spices grown on the island. Along the way from Spice Garden to Kandy, you will also have the chance to see an important Hindu temple. After that, our driving guide will take you to the Kandy hotel, where you will spend the night. Guests will be served breakfast at the hotel and have a chance to take a short break before starting their Kandy city tour.

The rest of the day is spent exploring Kandy, a beautiful city with many famous tourist spots. People will go to the temple where the tooth relic is revered after seeing a Kandyan cultural show in the afternoon. Most city tours of Sri Lanka’s three most important landmarks include stops at Kandy Lake, the Tooth Relic Temple, and the Royal Botanical Garden.

Stay the night in Kandy

Day 5: tour itinerary for 5 nights in Sri Lanka

Keep going through the hill country until there is no more change in elevation from sea level. Explore the beautiful beaches during the day, and then take the beautiful tea gardens back to the west coast. The hill area of Sri Lanka, which is between Nuwara Eliya and the Indian Ocean, has beautiful mountain scenery that would be amazing to drive through. Along the highway between Nuwara Eliya and Colombo are St. Clair’s tea farm and Devon Fall. At the Eco-resort estate hotel, lunch will be served.

Want to get a nice tan in peace? Take the winding, steep, and narrow road that connects the central hills to the western plains.

After taking a walk along the calm, palm-lined beaches of Bentota, enjoy a delicious fish platter with arrack, which is the working class’s favourite alcoholic drink. You can enjoy the rest of your free time by lying on the white sand beaches and splashing in the clear blue water of the Indian Ocean.

This area is further inland from the coast and has a lot of walking possibilities. It is made up of many forested areas, mountain peaks, and small towns. A variety of water activities, such as kayaking, surfing, boating, diving, and snorkelling, can ensure an exciting and risky day for adventurers. The coasts are a great place for tourists and people looking for fun things to do. You can sip arrack cocktails at a beach bar, eat local seafood, and look at jewellery, clothing, souvenirs, and gemstones made in the area.

Stay overnight in Bentota.

Day 6: tour itinerary for 5 nights in Sri Lanka

On the last day of the six-day trip to Sri Lanka, you can see the southern coast. There is a town, wildlife refuges, beaches, forts, museums, and parks in this area.

After a relaxing breakfast at the hotel, go to Colombo. The group on the trip may stop at many places along the way to see interesting sights. At the moment, a trip to Galle Castle, the Madu River Estuary, and Hikkaduwa Beach make up the southern part of Sri Lanka. Tourists whose flights leave from Mattala or Colombo can use an early transportation service to get to the airport.

End of the tour

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