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Sri Lanka, a tropical island with a multiethnic and multireligious population, is rich in variety and adventure. undetaking few Sri Lanka one day trips from your resort to Sri Lanka’s intriguing attractions are a must. This tropical island has something for everyone, from the palm-lined, sandy beaches of the southwest coast to the breathtaking landscapes of Sri Lanka’s hill region,

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Sri Lanka, a tropical island with a multiethnic and multireligious population, is rich in variety and adventure. Sri Lanka one day tours from your resort to Sri Lanka’s intriguing attractions are a must. This tropical island has something for everyone, from the palm-lined, sandy beaches of the southwest coast to the breathtaking landscapes of Sri Lanka’s hill country, from the rocky topography of Yala National Park to the ancient temples of the cultural triangle that date back thousands of years. Explore the underwater world at Hikkaduwa Marine Sanctuary, take a stroll through the Sinharaja jungle, ride a bike through the historic passageways of Galle Fort, and go whale-watching to observe the massive blue whales. Discover the finest of Sri Lanka on a day trip, and find suggestions on where to go and what to see below.

How to choose best places for Sri Lanka one day trips?

The following Sri Lanka day trip destinations were selected from among many possible destinations by taking into account historical, natural, and cultural significance as well as travel time from Colombo. Under the title “Top 10 Places to Visit in Sri Lanka in One Day,” this article lists the best tourist destinations in the country.

Questions like, “What are the best Sri Lanka one day tour packages?” “Can we book a Sri Lanka day tour with you?” and “Can you give us more information on Sri Lanka day tours?” are among the most frequently asked of Serendipity Tours. Since interest in our Sri Lanka day trips appears to be on the rise, we figured now would be a good time to write this post. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best day trips you can take in Sri Lanka, as well as other areas you may visit in the country. This article should serve as a good jumping-off point for organising your day trip to Sri Lanka.

What are the 10 best places for Sri Lanka one day trips

Travel times to far-flung attractions like Yala National Park, Kataragama Temple, and Sigiriya Rock have been drastically reduced thanks to recent improvements to Sri Lanka’s infrastructure, particularly the expansion of Sri Lanka’s motorways. The best 10 destinations in Sri Lanka for day trips are listed below. Travel agencies in your area likely offer day tours to these landmarks, but be aware that some of them leave as early as 5:00 a.m.

  1. Negombo is 37 km from Colombo, a 1-hour drive.
  2. Downtown Colombo
  3. Kandy is 117 km from Colombo, a 3-hour drive.
  4. Witpattu National Park is 166 km from Colombo, or 3 hours drive.
  5. Galle is 126 km from Colombo, 2-hour drive.
  6. Sigiriya Rock Fortress, 175 km from Colombo, is 3 hours and 30 minutes drive from Colombo.
  7. Yala National Park is 287 km from Colombo, 4-hour drive.
  8. Kitulgala, 99 km from Colombo, is 2-hour and 30 minutes drive from Colombo.
  9. Udawalawe National Park: 257 km from Colombo; it takes 3-hour and 30 minutes drive from Colombo.
  10. Bentota, 80 km from Colombo, is 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Colombo

Plan you Sri Lanka one day trips with serendipity Tours

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Seerendipity Tours offers reasonably priced day trips to Sri Lanka. For details and a wide variety of other day trips from Sri Lanka, see

Sri Lanka one day trips: Bentota

Bentota is one of Sri Lanka’s most visited tourist destinations. Most Sri Lankan holiday packages include a stop at Bentota, including the standard 14-day Sri Lanka trip, 10-day Sri Lanak trip, and 8-day trips Sri Lanak tour.

Crocodiles, monkeys, lizards, and snakes are just some of the wildlife that may be seen on this one-day excursion that takes in the Bentota River, Bentota Beach, the sea turtle conservation project, the ancient temple, and a few other tourist attractions. Floating through the mangrove lagoons, one of the largest and last remaining mangrove environments in Sri Lanka, will expose you to the untamed wildlife. The trip also includes a stop at Bentota Beach and visits to spice gardens and a sea turtle conservation project.

Notable: There are three primary locations from which to embark on a boat tour of Sri Lanka. The Madu River Safari is the most well-known option, followed by the Bentota River Safari from Aluthgama Bridge and the Bot Safari from Kaluwamodara Bridge. If you want to view crocodiles on your boat safari, the finest safari is the one that departs from Kaluwamodara Bridge.

Sri Lanka one day trips: Whale watching

Sri Lanka is now one of the best places to go whale watching in the world, with sightings practically assured. From Colombo and other beach resorts, depart at 5:00 AM for the one-day excursion, and be at the Mirissa harbour by 6:00 AM. From Mirissa Harbour, you may take a large whale-watching boat out to sea for a couple of hours to get a closer look at the blue whales. Hikkaduwa Beach and the Sea Turtle Conservation Project are also part of your day trip from Colombo.

Sri Lanka one day trips: Udawalawe safari

This is one of the most well-liked island excursions because you get to get up close and personal with elephants. Udalawawe is well-known for its elephant population. Many free-ranging elephants can be found in this area. Udawalawe’s elephant population is on the upswing thanks to the elephant transit camp, an initiative to save the island’s orphaned elephant population that annually releases several rehabilitated elephants back into the bush.

Sri Lanka one day trips: Sinharaja rainforest tour

There is more of the country’s original rainforest in Sinharaja, which is why it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are 490 square km of woodland. The Sinharaja rainforest is home to an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna. This full-day excursion in Sri Lanka covers your transportation from Colombo, your hotel, your meals, your entrance fees and your nature guide for the forest walk.

Sri Lanka one day trips: Sigiriya, Dambulal tour

The one-day Sigiriya tour is in high demand among international visitors, while tour packages departing from Colombo are particularly popular among local tourists. The journey just lasts a day, but it’s jam-packed with exciting experiences. This one-day trip of Sri Lanka takes visitors to a number of different attractions, including Sigiriya Rock, Dambulla Cave Temple, Pidurangala Temple, Ibbankatuwa Ancient Site, and Minneriya Safari Park.Given the distance he must travel, his day trip to Sigiriya in Sri Lanka begins at approximately 5:00 AM local time.

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When should i begin my Sri Lanka one day trip?

Get an early start on your trip; getting moving is a key component to a successful adventure. This is crucial information to have before checking into any hotel in Colombo. Given that you’ll only have 8-10 hours to view the sights and drive up and down the island, the Sri Lanka day tours are meticulously organised to ensure that you spend as little time as possible in transit. The typical day journey begins around dawn. coming to you at (AM) from Colombo.

Staying in Colombo necessitates leaving the city limits before rush hour traffic begins. Most hotels in Colombo are located within a 30-minute drive of the city’s borders in the morning. On the other hand, if you leave at about 7 a.m. You will lose a lot of time trying to leave Colombo from your hotel, as doing so may take up to two hours due to the heavy traffic.

Early morning driving is convenient anywhere in Sri Lanka, including outside of big towns like Colombo, when there are less cars and pedestrians on the road. On the other hand, the smooth ride makes for a pleasant experience for the passengers.

Some day trips have moved their departure times because of the construction of highways in Sri Lanka that allow for speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour. Below are the times that most people depart from Colombo on their way to one of the most popular Sri Lanka day tours.

For journeys planned with a private taxi and a knowledgeable tourist driver or guide (who is familiar with the roads leading to the sights), the above pick-up times are applicable. The whale-watching cruise departs from Mirissa promptly, so there’s no point in trying to push back the departure time. It is very recommended that the Sigiriya and Dambulla day excursion not be delayed so that visitors can ascend Sigiriya rock and the Dambulla temple before the midday heat sets in.

How to plan Sri Lanka one day trips to above mentioned places

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If you only have one day to explore the island, you won’t be able to do very much. Don’t overstuff your road trip itinerary with activities because you need to factor in travel time. With so many exciting stops along the way, it’s easy to forget about the journey time. After all, it takes a lot of time to learn about the areas you visit.

This article not only lists the top 10 day trips in Sri Lanka but also describes the top attractions at each stop on the list, providing you a comprehensive view of the island nation.

From the major beach resorts like Bentota, Kalutara, and Negombo, as well as the airport in Colombo, you may take day trips to all 10 of these locations. If you’re planning a short trip to Sri Lanka, you might want to include any of the day tours listed below.

Get away from your daily routine on one of these short vacations.

You may have gained a brief reprieve from your daily grind at the office, and now is the perfect time to take in some local sites. You should take a short trip of one or two days.

Plan you Sri Lanka one day trip with the expert

You can see some of the most stunning parts of Sri Lanka in that amount of time if you plan wisely. Use it as a method to relax and unwind from the stresses of work; there’s always something to do at any of these locations. Serendipity Tours has seasoned travel professionals who can help you organise your day trip so that you have a memorable experience.

It is possible to see a lot of Sri Lanka in a day. Depending on your interests, you can pick the ideal spots to travel to, whether you want to spend a quiet day at the beach, experience the thrill of white-water rafting, or see majestic blue whales up close.

Perhaps you are in Sri Lanka on business and would like to take advantage of your free time by visiting some of the local attractions. You may be passing through Colombo on your way to another destination and wish to book a short vacation with a Sri Lankan tour company like Serendipity Tours.

No matter what you’re looking for, a quick tour is always a smart idea. What a fantastic thought! Time restrictions from work, meetings, or flights make a quick tour out of Colombo the most sensible choice—and a well-deserved one at that.

If time is tight, consider making a quick stop in the most convenient and exciting location near Colombo. In only one or two days, you can visit fascinating local locations, engage in exciting pursuits, go on a shopping spree, unwind with an Ayurveda treatment, feast on fresh seafood, and lounge on Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches.

We only cover 10 of the numerous possible day trips from Colombo or the west coast beach resorts, but Sri Lanka has many more options. Each destination offers something unique for vacationers. For instance, if you book the Kitulgala one-day adventure tour, you’ll be able to go trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, and waterfall abseiling, just to name a few of the adventure activities available. Afterwards, you can go on a jeep safari in Udawalawe or Yala. Before deciding where to go on your day trip in Sri Lanka, you should weigh the pros and disadvantages of each location.

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Pick the perfect ride for your Sri Lanka day trip from a variety of cars, SUVs, mini-coaches, micros, and more. We have a wide selection of vehicles available at competitive prices.

Best transport mode for Sri Lanka one day trips

When planning a day trip to Sri Lanka, transportation should be a top priority. When planning a day trip, it’s best to hire a private car service with a driver who is familiar with the area.

Taking a taxi or other private mode of transportation is the most convenient and efficient method to get around Sri Lanka, but it also comes at a high price.

Since you only have so much time for the trip, you’ll need to cut down on the amount of time spent in transit. It is possible to take public transport like trains and buses, however these options may not be ideal. They’re cheap, but you might not have time to see the sights because of how long it takes to get from city to city and how often they’re late.

Get ready to indulge in some self-care and have a blast while on a short break by packing your suitcase. Most of the author-recommended sights in Sri Lanka can be seen on one of the several day trips offered by Seerendipity Tours from Colombo.

Departure time for Sri Lanka one day trips from beach hotel

Day trips from beach resorts typically begin at the same time as those leaving from Colombo. Start times for day trips to Galle vary depending on whether you’re departing from a resort on the island’s western or southern coasts; for example, departures from Colombo begin at 6:30 a.m., while those from Bentota begin at 7:30 a.m. The passengers should check with the local tour operator to find out when they will be picked up from the resort.

Whitewater rafting for two hours and a walk through the Kitulgala rain forest are only two of the highlights of the day trip. All taxes, admission fees, a live guide, and ground transportation from Colombo or a beach hotel are included in the tour price.

Where should I go for a Sri Lanka one day adventure trip?

  • The Kitulgala Day Trip in Sri Lanka
  • Day excursion to Nuwara Eliya for some outdoor fun!
  • Experiencing Ella on a day trip from Sri Lanka
  • A day trip to Sri Lanka’s Adam’s Peak
  • A day trip to Bentota, Sri Lanka

How to book Sri Lanka one day adventure trips?

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1. An Exciting Day Trip from Sri Lanka to the City of Kitulgala

Kitulgala is widely regarded as Sri Lanka’s premier outdoor recreation area. The island’s greatest concentration of thrill-seekers can be found in Kitulgala. Water rafting, Canoeing, mountain climbing, waterfall abseiling, and a wide variety of other adrenaline-pumping activities may all be enjoyed at this secluded adventure vacation site with a rocky outcrop.

Seerendipity Tours has introduced a day excursion from Colombo to the hotels on Sri Lanka’s west coast, so that both international and domestic tourists can experience this one-of-a-kind destination. Enjoy a wonderful local meal and a full day of adventure, including two hours of walking through the rain forest while birdwatching, two hours of whitewater rafting, canoeing, and exploring a secluded community.

From Colombo, a day excursion to Kitulgala is one of the most exciting adventures you can have. From Colombo, you can reach Kitulgala in just over an hour and a half. This jungle-filled region is found in Sri Lanka’s western province, making it easy to visit from the island’s most popular beach resorts in the south and west.

Kitulgala’s proximity to Kandy and Nuwara Eliya makes it a convenient base from which to explore the hill area of Sri Lanka. Therefore, if you are interested in a day excursion of adventure in Sri Lanka and are based in Colombo, you should give Kitulagala significant consideration.

Read my article titled “KITULGALA BOAT RAFTING AND ADVENTURE” for more details on this exciting journey.

2. The Nuwara Eliya Day Adventure in Sri Lanka

The most adventurous day trip in Sri Lanka can be spent in Nuwara Eliya, the island’s most visited mountain resort. Nuwara Eliya, tucked away in the hills at an altitude of 1800 metres above sea level, is home to a wide variety of exciting excursion options.

The well-developed road system in Sri Lanka makes it simple to travel to Nuwara Eliya from wherever, be it the capital city of Kandy or a beach resort near the country’s southernmost tip. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of sports and recreation opportunities, including hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, boating, horseback riding, waterfall abseiling, and even golf.

3. Ella adventure tour

Ella, one of the island’s most well-liked mountain resorts, is often regarded as a backpacker’s paradise. There are many mountains, valleys, tea plantations, waterfalls, and parts of forest in and around Ella, but it has managed to maintain its laid-back village atmosphere.

Most visitors to Ella come to the city to engage in outdoor pursuits like mountaineering, rafting, abseiling down waterfalls, trekking, and hiking. From almost anywhere on the island, a day excursion to Ella can be arranged as an exciting adventure.

4. Trip of a Lifetime: Colombo to Adam’s Peak in a Single Day

When planning a day trip to Sri Lanka, Adam’s Peak is often mentioned as a must-see destination. Travellers from Colombo, the west coast, the south coast, and Kandy all make the journey to Adam’s Peak for a day of adventure.

Adams Peak is the third tallest free-standing mountain in Sri Lanka, and its pilgrimage attracts thousands of hikers every year despite the fact that it is both a challenging and rewarding trip. From the verdant lower slopes of Sri Lanka, hikers will ascend through dense, dripping rainforests to cloud forests, passing through intriguing landscapes replete with perennial creeks, enormous rocks, and small cafés along the way.

The last 100 metres or so are the most challenging, but well-built staircases make the ascent a breeze. The ascent begins around midnight, and at daylight, you can see the plains far below from the peak. It could be a challenging and severe task due to the cold, damp conditions and high altitude of the mountain.

Adam’s Peak is a great destination for a day of hiking in Sri Lanka, however it is a very seasonal activity. This one-day adventure tour is best taken between the months of November and April.

5. Sri Lanka one day trips to bentota

The west and south coasts of Sri Lanka are the best places to go if you want to participate in water sports, especially those that need the use of saltwater, such as surfing, boating, sea fishing, windsurfing, diving, snorkelling, and other boating and water-based activities.

There are several locations along the south and west coasts that are perfect for a day of exploration. Some of the most well-liked pastimes here include scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, paragliding, canoeing, and rafting.

How to book Sri Lanka one day adventure trips?

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Sri Lanka one day wildlife trips: Udawalawe and Yala national parks

One of the most exciting things to do in the world is to explore the diverse wildlife of Sri Lanka. Wildlife enthusiasts frequently take day trips from Colombo to Sri Lanka’s Yala and Udawalawe national parks. Both trips leave Colombo in the morning and come back in the evening, so you can see as much as possible in a single day.

Yala National Park and Udawalawe National Park are just two of the many popular destinations in southern Sri Lanka that are now easily accessible by car thanks to the construction of the southern motorway.

Please visit the following links if you would want more information on a day excursion to Udawalawe and Yala National Parks.

This private one-day trip to Udawalawe Safari Park departs from Colombo and other hotels on the island’s western coast. All transportation, a local guide, park entry fees and taxes are covered on an all-inclusive safari to Udawalawe.

What are the three most common day trips to see wildlife in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when planning a wildlife vacation, but you can still see plenty of exotic species including leopards, elephants, bears, and crocodiles on this tropical island. There are over a dozen wildlife reserves in Sri Lanka, but only a handful are open to tourists on safari. The most well-known Sri Lanka safari destinations include Yala, Wilpattu, Udawalawe, Minneriya, Kaudulla, and Eco-park. The following Sri Lankan national parks are recommended for a day trip from Colombo.

  • Day trip to Yala National Park from Colombo
  • Day Trip to Udawalawe from Colombo
  • Day Trip to Wilpattu from Colombo

A Day Trip to Sri Lanka’s West Coast

The beaches of Bentota and Hikkaduwa on Sri Lanka’s west coast are among the most visited in the island. There’s more to the west coast of Sri Lanka than just beautiful beaches. Temples, historical monuments, Forts, Lakes, museums, Mangrove forests, marine sanctuaries, etc., are just some of the dozens of must-see attractions along the west coast. The most well-liked West Coast day trips in Sri Lanka are the Bentota day trip and the Galle day trip.

Which are the two most frequented west coast beach day trips in Sri Lanka?

  • Day trip to Bentota
  • Day trip to Galle

Duration of Sri Lanka one day trip to Bentota

Located 100 km south of Colombo, Bentota Beach is the most visited beach in Sri Lanka’s western provinces. Therefore, most tourists who come to Colombo include a trip to Bentota, Sri Lanka, in their itinerary. The tour typically begins at 7:00 a.m. from Colombo, finishing at about 5pm local time. around afternoon.

Day trips to Bentota from Colombo are often offered by Seerendipity Tours. The following locations are part of this Sri Lankan day trip:

  • Sea turtle conservation project
  • Safari on the Madu River (Madu River Trip)
  • The Island of Cinnamon
  • Mining for moonstones and
  • Museum of Masks

Tourist attractions to visit from colombo within 24 hours

From Colombo, day visits to many different parts of Sri Lanka can be reached quickly and easily. The excursions listed here are just some of the exciting day trips you may do from Colombo. Day travels from Colombo can take you to the beautiful mountain towns of Nuwara Eliya and Kandy, home to a thriving tea industry, or to the relaxing beach resorts on the west and south coasts, where you can unwind, seek out new experiences, and pray for divine intervention.

Negombo one day tour from Colombo

From Colombo, you may travel the 40 kilometres in a day.

The trip takes an hour from Colombo, starting at the airport (10 minutes).

A day trip to Negombo is among the simplest in Sri Lanka, and it’s especially easy to reach from Colombo and the airport. One of the most popular places to visit in Sri Lanka for a beach vacation is the city of Negombo, which is located on the coast not far from the international airport in Colombo.

Due to its proximity to Colombo, Negombo is one of the greatest sites to visit in Sri Lanka in a single day. Even if you only have a few hours to spend on the island, it is one of the greatest day trips from Colombo thanks to its proximity to the airport (only 10 minutes away) and the city itself (approximately an hour away).

Visitors of all ages flock to Negombo to enjoy its beaches. Negombo is a popular destination because to its proximity to the airport, the quality of its beaches, and the variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and other entertainment options available at reasonable prices.

Visit fish market

The fish market in Negombo is a popular destination for tourists. Most people in Negombo rely on fishing as a primary source of income due to the area’s abundance of different fish species. Get up early and get to the fish market for the best selection. Flat land for drying fish is located behind the fish market, close to the water. Huge quantities of fish are strewn across the open field and left to dry in the hot sun.

Visiting textile market

Another must-see in Negombo is the textile market. There are a tonne of stores lining the main drag, and they sell everything from apparel and accessories to homemade trinkets and groceries.

Visiting St, Marys church

This Catholic church is a must-see among the many attractions of Negombo. The huge crucifix, the centrepiece of the chapel, was erected in 1886.

Visiting muthurajawela wetland

Due to its proximity to the beach and the Muthurajawela wetland, Negombo is a favourite vacation spot for those seeking a relaxing beach vacation. Many types of flora and fauna, including crocodiles, make their homes in the marsh. Birdwatching draws many visitors to Muthurajawela.

Negombo Beach road

When planning a trip to the west coast, Negombo should be on your list of possible destinations. Beachgoers will be in paradise at these locations due to the calm waters, palm-lined shores, and pure white sand.

Some otehr important places to visit on Negombo tour

  • Fishmarket,
  • Negombo Lagoon,
  • Dutch Canal,
  • Dutch Fort

The one-day trip to Negombo does not include food, transportation, or entrance fees. Singles pay a $10 surcharge.

1.Starting at US$40 per person, you can take a tour of Negombo city from Negombo beach.

2.Price per person for a day trip to Negombo from Colombo is US$60.

3.From Kalutara, you can take a day trip to Negombo for US$80 per person.

4.Day trip to Negombo from Bentota costs US$ 95 per person.

5.From Hikkaduwa/Galle, you can take a day trip to Negombo for US$120 per person.

How to book Negombo one day tour

For bookings and inquiries, please get in touch with us through email at, via WhatsApp at 0094 77-440977, or via phone at 0094 77-4440977.

Sri Lanka one day trip: Down town Colombo

One of the top spots to see in Sri Lanka on a day trip is the heart of Colombo. The city has a wide variety of attractions and things to do both during the day and at night.

Colombo is the most populous city in Sri Lanka and its commercial centre. There is a remarkable juxtaposition of old and contemporary in this island’s commercial centre. Modern skyscrapers coexist with historic structures from the first half of the 18th century. When it comes to shopping, Colombo City is among the greatest in the world.

Colombo International Airport is 35 kilometres away.

This day trip from the airport to the heart of Colombo will take you just five hours.

Top tourist attractions in Colombo

  • The Pettah Market
  • Particularly, the Church of Wolvendaal
  • The Gangaram Mandir
  • Viharamahadevi Park
  • Independence square
  • There’s Galle Face Green
  • Pettah
  • National Museum
  • Lake Simamalalka/Lake Beira
  • Cinnamon Garden 7/Colombo 7

Pettah: Colombo bazaar

If you’re interested in doing some shopping in Sri Lanka, one of the best places to do it is in the Pettah bazaar neighbourhood of Colombo. The vibrant market is stocked with both domestic and international goods. Both the selection and the value are excellent. The island provides nearly all of one’s needs. Pettah is a shopping mecca where you can find just about anything you might want.

Wolvendaal church

The Dutch colonial rulers of Sri Lanka commissioned the construction of the historic Wolvendaal Church in the 1600s. The church sits atop the tallest structure in the city of Colombo. The building dates back to the early days of Christianity on the island.

Gangarama Temple

This majestic temple is one of the city’s oldest Buddhist institutions, and it stands on the shore of Beira Lake. Despite being in the middle of the country’s largest metropolis, the temple maintains the peacefulness and serenity of a sacred site. The grand temple has a lot of features that set it apart from other Buddhist places of worship in the country. Don’t miss out on seeing the priceless artefacts kept in the Gangarama temple’s museum.

When visiting a Buddhist temple, visitors are expected to respect the site’s reverence by dressing appropriately. Check read “13 Rules You Break When Visiting Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple AND Sri Lanka Temple Dress Code.” if you are a foreigner in Sri Lanka and would like to learn more about the Temple regulations and the Sri Lanka temple dress code.

Viharamahadevi Park

There are thousands of people who seek refuge in the park every day from the heat of Colombo. It’s easy to forget that you’re still in Colombo when you’re walking between towering trees and lush vegetation. You can find tranquilly in the heart of Colombo at this spot. Hundreds of bunks may be found in the park’s shade, and there are also running trails, play spaces, waterfalls, a cafeteria, and more.

Independence memorial hall

These are the sites where the first parliament of Sri Lanka was convened after the country gained its independence. The building’s design is representative of traditional Sri Lankan style.

Galle face green

Galle Face Beach is the city’s main beach and features a wide expanse of sand. Although it is a beach on the ocean’s edge, the region is vast and grassy, as the name suggests. Galle’s Face is a great area to play sports and host picnics with friends and family.

Few other imporatnt toruist sites in Colombo

  • The National Museum of Colombo
  • Zoo of Colombo
  • Compannavidiya, a Hindu place of worship
  • Colombo’s Floating Market

Meals and admissions are not included in the cost of the Colombo day trip. Cost for a single person: $40 USD

1.From Colombo/Negombo, a tour of the city costs $40 per person (USD).

2.Costing about $60 per person, a day trip to Colombo can be easily arranged from Kalutara or Bentota.

3.Day trip to Colombo from Hikkaduwa/Galle costs US$80 per person.

How to book Colombo city tour

For bookings and inquiries, please get in touch with us through email at, via WhatsApp at 0094 77-440977, or via phone at 0094 77-4440977.

Sri Lanka one day trips: Kandy tour

This is a popular choice for tourists visiting Sri Lanka for the day. Kandy is a great stop on any day trip across Sri Lanka. Because of its mountainous setting, Kandy stands apart from the other Sri Lankan destinations designated as “one-day trips.”

A chilly temperature and 500 metres above sea level characterise Kandy. Kandy is one of the few mountain destinations accessible from Colombo and the coastal resorts in a single day. This day excursion out of Colombo is jam-packed with exciting stops.

What to see on Kandy one day trip?

Kandy is a beautiful entryway to the city of Colombo. Kandy is a city rich in heritage and culture, with a Colonial feel and a strong British influence. For Buddhists in Sri Lanka, Kandy is a pilgrimage site since it is the location of the holiest temple.

  • Elephant orphanage: Pinnawala
  • A Shrine to Preserved Teeth
  • Garden of spices
  • Tea processing facility/tea farm
  • The Garden of Peradeniya

Temple of teh tooth relic

The most important Buddhist temple on the island is the one housing the tooth relic, which is believed to be Buddha’s left eye tooth. Located on the shores of Kandy Lake, the temple boasts a long and illustrious history.

Royal Botanical garden

Sri Lanka’s largest botanical garden was originally established during the reign of the Kandyan dynasty. As of right now, it serves as a herbarium, botanical garden, research facility, and picnic area.

Tea plantation/Tea factory

One of Sri Lanka’s main exports is tea; you might not know that the famed Ceylon kind is grown on the island. The highest quality Ceylon tea is grown in the highlands of Sri Lanka, which is where the name “Ceylon” originated. The beautifully kept tea garden makes for excellent photo opportunities.

Visiting Elephant orphanage

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a popular stop on day travels from Colombo to Kandy. Pinnawala is a popular stop along the route of most Sri Lankan road journeys. You’ll find the world’s largest group of domesticated elephants here. Over 80 animals have joined the herd.

Some other important tourist sites to be found on Kandy trip

  • Lake Kandy
  • Devala, Embekke
  • This is the Lankatilaka Temple.
  • The Temple of Gadaladeniya
  • Cultural Presentation from Kandy
  • A museum devoted to precious stones

Costs for the day trip to Kandy do not include meals or admission to any attractions. Cost for a single person: $40 USD

  1. From Colombo, a day trip to Negombo costs US$80 per person.

2. Price per person for a day trip to Negombo from Kalutara/Bentota is $100 USD.

3. From Hikkaduwa/Galle, a day trip to Negombo costs US$120 per person.

How to book Kandy one day trips

For bookings and inquiries, please get in touch with us through email at, via WhatsApp at 0094 77-440977, or via phone at 0094 77-4440977.

Sri Lanka one day trips: Wilpattu wildlife tour

From Colombo, you’ll need to travel 166 kilometres.

The trip from Colombo took three hours.

Wilapatu Park: The Facts You Need to Know

Size: 317 square km

Annual Rainfall: 1000 mm Average Temperature: 27.7 °C

October through May is the ideal time to visit.

The Park is open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

If you only have one day in Sri Lanka, make it the Wilpattu National Park Day Tour. I only spent one day in Sri Lanka, and I spent it at this national park. Most of the island’s other well-known national parks, including Yala, require at least a 2-day trip from Colombo to fully visit.

Villus of Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is one of Sri Lanka’s less-visited wildlife preserves, and it’s located in the island’s far northwest. Because of the civil war in northern Sri Lanka, it was off-limits to tourists for decades.

Willus (natural lakes) are one of the park’s distinguishing features, setting it apart from the majority of Sri Lanka’s national parks. These are puddles formed when rain falls into shallow holes surrounded by sandy soil. They serve an important function as the primary water store for the park’s diverse animal population.

Fauna of wilpattu National Park

You can spot leopards, sloth bears, elephants, sambhurs, wild buffalo, mongooses, spotted deer, crocodiles, and monkeys, among the 31 other species of flora and fauna that call this area home.

Flora of National Park

Flora: The area is home to a diverse array of plant life, from salt grass and scrubs to the Weera, Palu, Milla, satin, Wewarna, and ebony trees of the dry zone forest.

Bird species found at Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is home to a wide variety of bird species. Among them are a great variety of indigenous bird species. Many owl, kite, buzzard, and eagle species can be found in Sri Lanka, and the island is also home to jungle fowl (Gallus lafayetii), tiny cormorants, the painted stork, the open bill, terns, and gulls.

Some of the wetland birds, such as cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis), black-headed ibis (Threskiornis malanocephalus), spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia), pintail (Anas acuta), whistling teal (Dendrocygna javanica), garganey (Anas querquedula), purple heron (Ardea purpurea), and large white egret can also be seen here.

Amphibians and reptiles like the Bombay Bush Frog, Deccan Ground Gecko, Humayun’s Wrinkled Frog, Beddome’s Lacerta, and the Malabar Pit Viper.

Some Sights to See on the Way to Wilpattu from Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • Manawari Temple
  • Temple of Munneswaram in Puttalam

While the standard day trip to Wilpattu National Park Safari does not include park admission, Jeep rentals, or lunches, you can book a tour that does cover all of these things for the same price. This Wilpattu National Park day trip from Sri Lanka is offered mostly in the below-mentioned configurations. The tour’s price varies with the place of departure.

  1. Travel from Colombo or Negombo to Wilpattu for a day trip.

2. Kalutara/Bentota to Wilpattu for the day trip

3. Day trip to Wilpattu from Hikkaduwa or Gale

How to book Wilpattu National Park tour?

For bookings and inquiries, please get in touch with us through email at, via WhatsApp at 0094 77-440977, or via phone at 0094 77-4440977.

Sri Lanka one day trips to Galle

Colombo is 118 kilometres away.

From Colombo, the trip takes about three hours.


Galle, the capital of southern Sri Lanka, is located around 100 km south of Colombo and is known for its beautiful beaches and lively nightlife. Galle also has some historical significance. Many hundreds of merchants from ancient civilizations like Persia, Greece, Mesopotamia, China, India, and the Arab world stopped by the historic port of Galle over the course of many millennia since it was on the ancient maritime trade route. Hundreds of kilometres of scenic beaches, forts, temples, sections of woodland, Rivers, Lakes, and water sports facilities have made Galle a famous tourist destination.

Galle one day trip from Colombo

Day visits to Galle are common from Colombo, and with good reason. Galle, Sri Lanka’s southernmost city, sits close to the country’s southern border. The Galle Fort and other sights in Galle draw visitors from all over the world. The Portuguese constructed the fort in the 15th century, and the Dutch rulers of Sri Lanka (1656–1796) added to it.

Galle Fort is a massive city filled with several structures and palaces inspired by historic Dutch design, and it is now recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of these historic homes and palaces have been transformed into modern businesses including hotels, inns, B&Bs, hostels, restaurants, shops, museums, and galleries.

Galle Fort is a well-planned, defensive city with a vast wall and hundreds of buildings with a Sea view, and touring it can take many hours. The Fort is home to museums, galleries, souvenir stores, textile shops, cafes, restaurants, churches, and temples.

Duration of Galle trip and places to visit

  • It’s the Mask Museum
  • Galle Forts and the Maritime Museum
  • The Folk Museum of Martin Wickramasinghe
  • The mouth of the Madu River
  • The Beach of Hikkaduwa
  • The Mon Stone Quarry

Visiting Maritime museum on Galle trip

The Dutch East India Company used a portion of the building housing the Galle Maritime Museum as storage. Many artefacts have been exposed here.

From Colombo, a day trip to Galle to see the Martin W. Wickramasinghe Museum.

The inhabitants of Galle and their customs are on display at the Martin Wickramasinghe Museum, a folk museum. Numerous artefacts have been uncovered in southern Sri Lanka, all of which have direct relevance to the lives of the citizens.

Sightseeing in the Madu River Estuary on a Day Trip from Colombo

The ecological value of Madu rover, a Ramsar wetland, cannot be overstated. Many acres of mangrove forest along the Madu River, providing critical habitat for endangered mangrove species. Many different kinds of animals, including water monitors, crocodiles, and monkeys, can be seen here, in addition to a wide variety of aquatic bird species.

Visiting Hikkaduwa beach on Galle trip

One of the most frequented western coast beach towns is Hikkaduwa. The captivating marine life and coral reefs just offshore have made Hikkaduwa a famous tourist destination. Visitors enjoy glass-bottom boat rides so they can observe the vibrant marine life in the shallows and view impressive coral formations.

Visiting mask museum on Galle trip

Visiting moonstone mines is an intriguing part of the Galle journey from Colombo, which is one of the most popular day activities in Sri Lanka. The quality of moonstone is a 4, making it a semiprecious stone. The only place to find this milky-colored semiprecious stone is in Ambalangoda, not far from Hikkaduwa. Hikkaduwa is home to a sizable population that has developed a thriving cottage business out of the creation of exquisite jewellery from moonstones. In Ambalangoda, you may find a wide variety of gem and jewellery stores. Moonstones are used to secure some of the jewellery, while other precious stones like sapphires, blue sapphires, amethyst, aquamarine, etc. are used to decorate other pieces.

Some other impriatnt sites to visit on Galle one day trip

  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • Sea turtle consrvation project
  • Stilt fisherman
  • Buddhist Temple of Kande (Kande vihara)

Seerendipity offers day trips that include transportation, an English-speaking guide, and admission prices in addition to the main attraction. It is possible to arrange a day trip to Galle from a number of other west coast locations. However, this day excursion to Sri Lanka is reserved for a small, exclusive group.

The tour is available for booking at most beach hotels, with prices varying accordingly. Those interested in learning more about this day excursion should contact us at

  1. Day trip to Galle from Colombo or Negombo in Sri Lanka.

2. Day trip to Galle, Sri Lanka, departing from Kalutara or Bentota

3. A day trip to Galle from Hikkaduwa

How to book Galle day trip from Colombo?

For bookings and inquiries, please get in touch with us through email at, via WhatsApp at 0094 77-440977, or via phone at 0094 77-4440977.

Sri Lanka one day trips to cultural triangle

The cultural triangle can be visited in a day from Colombo, however the tour should begin no later than 05:00. The distance from Colombo to the province in the country’s centre North is a major factor in this. Even with early morning starts, you will only have time to explore a handful of the most important cultural and historical landmarks. The cultural triangle consists of the rock castle of Sigiriya, the golden temple of Dambulla, the historical city of Polonnaruwa, and the ancient city of Anuradhapura, all of which can be seen in a single day. An expert tour operator like ourselves recommends scheduling at least a two-day cultural triangle tour so that you can see the highlights at your own pace.

If you are interested in a Sri Lanka day tour like the one described above, please get in touch with us so that we can assist you in creating the ideal Sri Lanka vacation package.

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